On June 3, pure Satanic and blasphemous Scandinavian black metal came to New York City, as Marduk and 1349 carried the black flame into the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The bands lured in a devoted and eccentric group of fans to the show, creating an unforgettable night -- for better or for worse.

After sets from Mutant Supremacy and Weapon, Georgian metallers Withered proved themselves as a solid opening act for the tour, giving their brutal and dirty style of blackened death metal to the crowd. Withered showcased the powerful vocal duo of guitarists Mike Thompson and Dylan Kilgore as the two unleashed their captivatingly brutal gutturals.

Despite the heavy offering from Withered, the band didn't manage to match the savagery of one specific dude in the crowd. Looking exactly like Real World reality show personality and WWE wrestler Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin with a Vanilla Ice pompadour, this shirtless member of the audience was not only enjoying the show, but doing so while covered in blood and making Christ-like poses while falling to his knees. Seemingly wacked out on Angel Dust, the crimson-soaked fan cleared out the entire circle pit for himself while walking through the crowd like a mindless psych ward patient weaving around pieces of bubble-wrapped furniture.

Next up, Norwegian black metal act 1349 (named after the year the Black Plague reached Norway) blasted fans with their hypnotic and atmospheric sound. 1349 got fans so hyped up that a few brave souls in the pit decided to challenge the bloody and shirtless nutcase, giving him fierce hits that sent him to the ground various times. Unshaken by the strange antics of the audience, 1349 powered through a great set, which left fans buzzing for more black metal mayhem.

Marduk hit the stage late into the night, immediately pumping new life into audience members who were running out of energy at the Sunday night show. The set featured the villainous screams of vocalist Mortuus and the solid guitar work of Morgan 'Evil' Steinmeyer Håkansson, who earlier in the night confirmed to Loudwire that he owned skull fragments and brain matter of Mayhem's Per 'Dead' Ohlin, as well as pieces of lead from Dead's suicide shotgun blast. Overall, Marduk unleashed a powerful and raw set of tracks, which spanned the band's 20-year career.

Check out our exclusive photos from the concert in the gallery below.

Check Out Photos of Marduk, 1349, Withered and Weapon