Metallica rock! Slipknot rock! I know it, you know it and yes, Margot "Harley Fucking Quinn" Robbie knows it as well, as evidenced by the challenge she took on with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Tuesday night (Feb. 4).

Fallon challenged the actress to a game of Know It All, in which the pair were asked to name as many things in a category as possible before time runs out on them. After two rounds of 16th Century Swedish Architects and Herbs and Spices, the pair moved onto a bonus round of Rock Bands.

The Birds of Prey star started strong, naming Aerosmith, a band with a long legacy that is also timely having recently been named as MusiCares Person of the Year and appearing at the Grammys. After Fallon rattled off Guns N' Roses, also a solid choice, Robbie countered with the "End of the Road" touring act KISS.

From here, you start to see the tastes come through, with Fallon going more classic rock while Robbie embraces her metal fandom. The Tonight Show host offered The Doors, The Beatles and Rolling Stones before getting back on the heavier side with AC/DC. Meanwhile, Robbie went with Slipknot and Metallica in succession, before matching Fallon's classic approach with the Beach Boys.

Though Robbie is a self-professed metal fan, as she previously revealed during a 2016 visit to The Tonight Show set, she lost track of her answers and offered "Metallica" a second time, earning her a buzzer. That's okay, though Margot, as Metallica rock sometimes twice as hard as some of the other acts that Fallon named.

Robbie's new movie, Birds of Prey, which spins off her Harley Quinn Suicide Squad character, arrives Feb. 7. Meanwhile, both Metallica and Slipknot have plenty of "rocking" to do in the coming months. See Metallica's dates, including several multi-set performances at five upcoming music festivals, here. Slipknot's dates can be found here.

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