Lamb of God are typically known for being one of the friendlier groups in heavy metal, and really care about their fans. Guitarist Mark Morton has shared a warning on social media about the band's live performances that may trigger fans with PTSD.

PTSD stands for Post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a psychiatric condition that can develop in individuals who've experienced or seen a traumatic event. According to the Mayo Clinic, people with the condition can have flashbacks, nightmares, intense anxiety and think about the event uncontrollably. The symptoms can begin anywhere from a month after the trauma takes place, to years after.

"As a band, we have always strived to put on the best show possible for our fans. We know that tickets are not cheap and we do not take it lightly that you are spending money that you worked hard for to come see us play. As Lamb of God has grown in popularity, we've invested more and more into our production. As of late, this has included pyro, flash bombs and concussion bombs," Morton wrote in his statement.

Flash bombs and concussion bombs are both types of nonlethal explosives that are meant that create bright lights and loud noise without causing harm [via SOFPREP].

"We are aware that many of our fans have served in the armed forces and that some unfortunately experience combat-related PTSD," Morton continued. "The purpose of this post is to acknowledge you... and to give you a proper heads up so that you can at least be aware coming in that we will be using those effects."

The guitarist added that strobe lights are also used during Lamb of God performances, and specified that the concussion bombs go off at the very beginning and very end of their set, with other flash effects and pyro utilized throughout the performance.

"If you're reading this and someone you know should know this before coming to the show, please spread the word. We love y'all... and want you to have a great time. Thanks for being with us."

Read the full message below.

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Though Morton's statement was mainly to warn fans who've served in the military, and suffer from PTSD as a result, other conditions that could be triggered by the types of production he described include flicker vertigo, which causes disorientation and other temporary symptoms [via CEENTA], as well as epilepsy, which is a brain disorder that causes recurring seizures that are often not triggered, as noted by the Epilepsy Foundation. Individuals with photosensitive epilepsy, in particular, can have seizures as a result of flashing lights.

Lamb of God's next show is tonight (Aug. 30) in Flagstaff, Arizona. See all of their upcoming dates here.

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