Right now, it's full steam ahead for Alter Bridge, but as a man with many bands guitarist Mark Tremonti is always keeping an eye on the schedule in order to balance it all. In a new interview with All That Shreds, Tremonti discusses Alter Bridge, but also reveals a bit of what the plan is for his self-titled band moving forward.

"We’re just really digging into this tour," Tremonti says of Alter Bridge. "It’s been about the most touring we’ve ever done on an album and we’re only half way there so we’re going to keep going through the end of the year and take a breather after that and then do a normal cycle and let ourselves live a little while before we write the next one but we’ll never stop. We’ll always be writing for the next record so there’s a lot of ideas that are sitting there right now that won’t materialize until the next Alter Bridge record comes out."

As for the band Tremonti, the guitarist/frontman reveals that he plans to start writing a new album this year. "After this tour is over I’m going to have the guys come to town and start writing and just kind of pick our moments to keep writing and probably get a record out next year," says the guitarist.

"In a perfect world, I want to kind of split it up," he continued, speaking of the direction of the disc. "You know I don’t want to get trapped into having to do heavy records all the time because it’s something I really wanted to get out with the solo project was the heavier side of my writing but I don’t want to completely abandon some of the melodic atmospheres of stuff so I might want to do just like I did the last time, do two albums and have two different sounds. Have one be more atmospheric in music, acoustic, real melodic and have the other one be straight up heavy."

Tremonti was also asked about the involvement of Wolfgang Van Halen, who played bass for his self-titled group in the past, but has bowed out at times due to other commitments. When asked if Van Halen would be part of the band for the next album, Tremonti replied, "I don’t believe so. He’s doing his own project right now. It’s either he’s playing bass in somebody else’s band or he’s singing and playing bass and drums and everything in his own project right now and I’m sure he’s going to want to put all his efforts into promoting that."

Alter Bridge are currently on the road and will play Seattle's Moore Theatre tomorrow night (Feb. 22) before getting a breather. The band will pick up in late March / early April for a tour of Australia before returning stateside for more shows at the end of April. See their current itinerary here.

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