During our recent chat with Ramones drumming legend Marky Ramone, we spoke about some pretty interesting topics including his upcoming Ramones revival tour with Andrew W.K. on vocals, Marky's upcoming autobiography, the drummer's signature pasta sauce and, of course, eating dog food.

Marky Ramone is usually somewhat stoic during interviews, but the drummer was all smiles during our talk, where he shared his excitement over the 'Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg' tour featuring Andrew W.K., stating that the singer's party philosophy was something Marky also lives by. We also talked with Marky about the late and legendary Joey Ramone, how the classic story of the Ramones being held at gunpoint by producer Phil Spector is "bulls--t," how the drummer had to survive by cooking up dog food + much more.

Believe us, if you're a Ramones fan, this interview is an essential piece of tape. Check it out and enjoy!

Marky Ramone Talks to Loudwire

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