On this very day 102 years ago, Herman Melville first published the iconic novel 'Moby Dick,' so what better reason to crank up some Mastodon?! The band's clip for 'Blood and Thunder' is our Video of the Day!

Mastodon's signature song boasts one of the 21st Century's biggest riffs. Nine years ago, 'Blood and Thunder' was released on Mastodon's first concept album, 'Leviathan,' which was met with widespread critical acclaim, receiving perfect scores from various publications. 'Blood and Thunder' kicks off the record with a raw and dirty opening, representing the very best attributes of southern American metal.

'Blood and Thunder' packs a punch both vocally and instrumentally, but the lyrics within the track immerse the listener the furthest into battle between man and whale. "White! Whale! Holy! Grail!" fills the piece's chorus while the remaining lyrics are split between the mind of the whale and Captain Ahab.

The track's music video doesn't simply take place aboard a vessel, actually, it does quite the opposite. Adorned in fez hats, Mastodon perform 'Blood and Thunder' for a bunch of clowns and circus freaks within the belly of a dark carnival. Mastodon bassist / vocalist Troy Sanders takes the verses from the consciousness of the white whale before a terrifying clown speaks from the lips of Ahab.

Let us pay thanks to Herman Melville, as without 'Moby Dick,' we wouldn't have one of the greatest metal albums of this millennium.