Mastodon not only rock, but they have a pretty good sense of humor, as evidenced by some of their videos and their snazzy style of dress for events like the Grammys. So it's no surprise that drummer Brann Dailor was game when it came time for a guest appearance in a series of humorous shorts for beer company Mikkeller featuring their elderly spokesperson Stig Holmden.

For the uninitiated, the elderly Stig has been put through the ringer in a series of shorts, getting a tattoo, enjoying a "shower ale" and chatting with his "son," former Anthrax member Danny Lilker, all while finding a moment or two to blatantly plug a beer. In this video, Stig takes part in a Skype drum lesson that quickly becomes contentious between the two.

Dailor takes a few shots at Stig right off the bat, telling him he looks a little old today and giving him a backhanded compliment on Stig's Mastodon shirt, stating, "Nice shirt by the way. I didn't know they came in fat." When he asks Stig if he wants to learn how to play drums, the man mumbles, "I don't really care." It gets worse from there with Dailor showcasing his nimble drum skills, then challenging Stig to do the same, even going so far as to name one of the moves, "I want Stig dead." "Oh God, how I hate metal," says the elderly man, before eventually pausing to showcase a Koppi IPA onscreen.

Check out the humorous clip in full above, and if you want to see more of the Mikkeller ads featuring Stig Holmden, check out their YouTube channel here.

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