Looks like Mastodon’s elusive Cold Dark Place will see a 2017 release after all! The four-song EP will hit shelves on Sept. 22, right before Mastodon embark on their fall North American tour.

Before Mastodon released Emperor of Sand earlier this year, the newest release from the Georgian heavyweights was almost a double album. It was reported that guitarist Brent Hinds wrote an entire album’s worth of material himself, so we asked him about it at the 2017 NAMM convention.

“I have way too many albums sitting around,” Hinds told us. “I’ve been marinating on some of them for years thinking, ‘I don’t know if I even like this.’ All of a sudden, a friend of mine wanted to listen to it and I listened to it and I was like, ‘I wrote this? This is amazing! We should put this out.’ We’re putting out an album that I wrote entirely by myself called Cold Dark Place, which is basically myself. I’m a cold dark place.”

When asked about the concept of Cold Dark Place, Hinds said, “It’s the concept of living and how much it hurts to f—king be alive.”

Cold Dark Place was originally suggested as possibly coming out on Record Store Day 2017, but the day came and went with no news on the release. Thankfully, Mastodon have confirmed its release for Sept. 22, with a limited-edition 10” vinyl picture disc of the EP coming out Oct. 27.

In other Mastodon news, Brann Dailor, Bill Kelliher and Brent Hinds once again portrayed White Walkers in the last night’s (Aug. 27) season finale of Game of Thrones. The musicians made their first Game of Thrones appearance in 2015 and wrote the exclusive track “White Walker” for the cult series.

Check out the track listing for Mastodon’s Cold Dark Place below and click here for the band’s upcoming North American tour dates.

Mastodon, Cold Dark Place Track Listing:

1. North Side Star
2. Blue Walsh
3. Toe to Toes
4. Cold Dark Place

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