Because nothing says kid-friendly like coloring in a barren desert of hell, and more because the guys from Mastodon have a wickedly dark sense of humor, the band has a bonus for those pre-ordering their new Emperor of Sand vinyl that not everybody offers -- a color-in vinyl jacket.

The band just revealed a trailer for the special pre-order feature as seen above, with a bunch of youngsters coloring away with joy while seemingly unaware of the demon figure from the band's album overseeing the exercise or the hellish surroundings around them. Watch the trailer above.

Whether the music is appropriate for young ears or not is up to parents, but this could be a nice family bonding activity and a gateway that can serve as an introduction to the joys of Mastodon, who have been known to deliver top notch album art over the years. Let the kids color away while you dig into the complexities of the playing and the analysis of the lyrical content for themes and story points. Head here to place your pre-order for the Mastodon vinyl with the color-in jacket.

If the vinyl isn't your thing, there are other Mastodon Emperor of Sand bundles available at this location or you can order the new album digitally via Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Emperor of Sand arrives everywhere this Friday (March 31).

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