As we reported yesterday, Mastodon unleashed the video for first 'The Hunter' single 'Curl of the Burl,' and it's quite an epic masterpiece. Word on the street was that drummer Brann Dailor was the ideas guy behind the clip, so we called him up at home in Atlanta and asked him point blank: was the concept really yours?

"Yeah, that's the truth," admits Dailor, who gives mad credit to director Roboshobo (aka Robert Schober) for taking his vision and running with it. "I just had an idea for a video, I shared it with Roboshobo -- he's done a bunch of videos for us -- and he liked the idea so he went and made the video, he directed it."

Schober also helmed Mastodon's amazing 'Divinations' and 'Sleeping Giant' videos, plus clips from My Chemical Romance, Disturbed, Deftones and a nine-minute mini-movie for 'All Nightmare Long' by some band called Metallica.

Dailor insists the best part was simply handing the reins over to Schober. "We didn't have to be in it, so that's cool, cause we were busy doing other stuff," he explained. "I just got home from Vietnam and Cambodia two days ago, so there was no possible way for me to be in it. And the other guys were off doing other stuff, too. We came up with a cool concept and I feel it was perfectly executed by Robert."

His final take? "It's like a cross between 'Evil Dead' and 'Cheech & Chong' or something. And it's got t*ts in it, and everybody likes t*ts."

Hard to argue with that.

Be sure to check back with Loudwire sometime next week for more from our exclusive interview with Brann Dailor. In the meantime, check out the 'Curl of the Burl' video below in case you missed it yesterday.

Watch the Mastodon ‘Curl of the Burl’ Video