Last week, Mastodon entered the Cage Match with "Steambreather" and were positioned against newly minted champs Trivium and "The Heart From Your Hate." It was a brief run at the top for Trivium, who were taken down in a closely contested battle. Now Mastodon are looking to pick up more steam with a second consecutive victory.

It's a battle of the Sanders brothers in this week's matchup as Hellyeah's "Love Falls" enters the fray. Troy Sanders famously plays bass in Mastodon and is one of the band's many-headed singers, while Kyle Sanders lays down the low end for Hellyeah. The riffing juggernaut "Steambreather" comes off Mastodon's latest, Emperor of Sand, while the emotional and devastatingly catchy "Love Falls" was culled from Hellyeah's 2016 record, Unden!able.

Take a listen to “Steambreather” and "Love Falls" below and let us know which song is your favorite by voting in the poll provided.

(This Cage Match will run through Oct. 16 at 2PM ET. Fans can vote once per hour! So come back and vote often to make sure your favorite song wins!)

Mastodon, "Steambreather"

Hellyeah, "Love Falls"

Rules of Cage Match:
Fans can vote once per hour for their favorite song. If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight Cage Matches, it is retired to the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame. With so many great songs out there, we have to give other bands a chance!

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