TV alert! 2012 Grammy Award nominees Mastodon, who are about to embark on one of the most anticipated tours of the spring, if not the entire year, with Opeth and Ghost, will provide musical entertainment on the Feb. 20 episode of 'Late Night With Carson Daly,' which airs every week night at 1:35 AM ET. It's likely a repeat of the band's November 2011 performance on the show, so if you missed it then, enjoy the reprise.

You'll either need to chug a caffeinated energy drink or set your DVR, since it comes on so late. Or early, depending on your perspective.

But if you per chance miss the performance, which is listed here, you can just shell out some cash and see the Atlanta wrecking crew on the road this spring. The Opeth tour, dubbed Heritage Hunter, launches on April 4 and runs through May 12. It winds through 30 cities in North America and it's easily the most buzzed about metal tour on the docket.

So take a moment and make a reminder, alarm or alert on you smartphone or handheld device to watch Troy Sanders and co. on 'Last Call With Carson Daly.' If lots of headbangers tune in to watch the show again and the ratings increase, it bodes well for more metal bands to be booked on the show. Show your solidarity, metal fans.