Mastodon had a quite a prehistoric, purple and plush encounter while touring and playing in Indianapolis recently.

According to Music Radar, when Mastodon showed up to the gig in the midwestern city, they saw their name sharing space on the marquee with that of the beloved purple dinosaur who entertains children known as Barney. Fans of the band know that a "mastodon" is an extinct, tusked mammal and Barney is obviously a dinosaur, but these two ancient creatures didn't do battle upon meeting. Instead, they took advantage of a photo opp and hung out, partaking of libations.

Guitarist Brent Hinds said, "We showed up the other day in Indianapolis, Indiana, and on the marquee of this venue it said 'Barney's Birthday Bash' and below that it said 'Mastodon,'" like the scene out of 'Spinal Tap.'

Hinds continued, "We didn't know it, but there were two venues inside this giant place. We played upstairs and Barney played downstairs. He was done by 9, and we went on at 10. All the Barney people – Baby Bop, all the folks in the show – they came on stage with us and sang 'Creature Lives.' It was amazing. We hung out afterwards, drank beer and whiskey…"

Barney and Baby Bop boozin' it up? You don't say!

Fellow guitarist Bill Kelliher said, "It was something else. You know, the people in the Barney show, they're just like us. They're in a tour bus, we're in a tour bus. They play gigs, we play gigs. When I saw Barney was in the house, I told our tour manager, 'We have got to get a picture with Barney and Friends.'

There are few things cooler than hanging (and drinking) with Barney.

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