Mighty Atlanta metal act Mastodon have just unveiled some exciting news! The band's follow-up to their massively celebrated fifth studio album, 'The Hunter,' is on its way! The sludge metal band spread the good word via their Facebook page last night (May 6), sharing with fans that they're "very busy" writing their next full-length.

Mastodon reign as one of metal's most consistent acts. It wouldn't be a stretch to claim Mastodon as one of the most important metal bands formed in the 2000s, having pumped out five studio albums since 2002, all of which are considered by many to be modern classics. 'The Hunter' is Mastodon's latest record to continue the band's decade-long rise, with the track 'Curl of the Burl' having received a Grammy nomination in 2012.

Mastodon report via their official Facebook page:

For those of you who are interested, Yes we have been VERY busy writing and putting songs together for the next studio MASTODON album, we are down at our space hammering out riffs that can be friends and working our fingers to the bone to put out another great album. thank you to all our loyal fans!!!!

Stay tuned for more news on the progress of Mastodon's sixth full-length album and be sure to see the band live this summer on the 2013 Mayhem Festival tour.