Mayhem remain one of the most controversial and extreme bands to ever exist. From murder to church burnings and self-mutilation, Mayhem have explored darkness to its zenith, becoming one of the few bands to actually live out their lyrical themes.

During a recent Loudwire interview with Mayhem, we asked Necrobutcher how the mood changes onstage once self-mutilation has occurred. In response, he spoke about why exactly former Mayhem vocalists Dead and Maniac chose to cut themselves during performances.

“A couple of times, I actually felt like cutting myself too. It felt [like it] would be relieving to do it, in some way, I don’t know,” bassist Necrobutcher begins. “I think that Dead; he knew that that would freak people out if he did that, and he had the ability to do that, so then he did, because he liked to fuck with people.”

“I think Maniac has a troubled mind, like a crazy guy. Let’s say you’re onstage, you get a blackout. ‘What’s the next line on my lyric? Shit, I’ll just cut myself instead.’ He probably won’t agree. ‘No, that’s nihilism.’”

Watch the interview with Necrobutcher above and click here to grab Mayhem’s newest album, Daemon. Necrobutcher says he plans to write an upcoming book, The Death Archives: Mayhem 1993-2006 — the sequel to his archives spanning from 1984-94.

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