Last year, Megadeth entered the craft beer industry, releasing their own signature brew, À Tout le Monde, through the Canadian brewing company Unibroue. Congratulations are now in order, as the ale has won a Gold Medal!

Megadeth shared the news on their Facebook page (post below), stating, "We are proud to announce that À Tout le Monde has won its first Gold Medal, scoring the highest points in its category. 93 points, qualifying it as 'Exceptional' by Beverage Testing Institute based out of Chicago. Congrats to Brewmaster Jerry Vietz and the ultimate collaborator Dave Mustaine."

When we spoke with both Mustaine and Vietz about crafting the beer, the Megadeth mainman explained how it all came together. "We had talked to some other companies and they just didn’t really motivate me to pursue it and they had said that Unibroue was interested," he began. "I did some research on them and was just thrilled because of the quality and the caliber of the company. They’ve got over 300 awards with their product that they make."

Megadeth will be on the road in North America starting in September. They've relinquished their headliner status for the opportunity to open for one of the world's biggest bands, the Scorpions. For more information on the tour, click here.

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