This April, Megadeth will play their first shows of 2024, but have had to cancel their third scheduled date and have issued a statement regarding the matter.

The thrash legends were set to perform in Uruguay on April 11 after first making stops in Peru and Chile as part of their South American tour. Megadeth cite "reasons beyond the control of the band and the production company" in regards to the nixed show, vowing they will make up the date "on their next trip to South America."

Megadeth exclaim, "We deeply apologize to the fans but we will be back!"

Read the statement in full, which was shared on social media, directly below.

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Late last year, guitarist Kiko Loureiro announced he was taking an extended absence from the band, which we've since learned was a conscious decision to step down as Megadeth's guitarist after eight years. Earlier this month, he opened up even more about his election to focus more on his family, noting that his relationship with the band is still "all positive vibes."

Megadeth, meanwhile, are carrying on with Finnish guitarist Teemu Mantysaari.

See all of the group's upcoming tour dates here.

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