After months of wondering how it would go over, it can now be said that Dave Mustaine's appearance with the San Diego Symphony was a success. The metal legend joined the Symphony for an evening that featured a mix of classical music staples along with a symphonic rendition of Megadeth's own 'Symphony of Destruction' (seen in the video above).

Mustaine lent his talents to such classics as Vivaldi's 'Summer' and 'Winter,' as well as Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries.' As the UT-San Diego paper writes, "If there’s any piece in history that seems made for rocking out on, it’s the third movement from 'Summer.' The first movement from 'Winter' is a close second. Mustaine was most in his element during these pieces, when the volume was at full blast and the speeds were fast. By the end, he was engaged in some proper head banging, and when he finished, he shoved a hand in the air."

In true rocker fashion, Mustaine eventually discarded his tuxedo jacket, which was appropriate as Megadeth's own 'Symphony of Destruction' found its way into the set. The rocker also stood up from his seat to fully rock out as the set transitioned into a performance of Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries.'

Unlike most symphonic concerts, after the performance was over fans waited near the front of the stage as Mustaine graciously shook hands with those who came out to catch the unique show. Fans also waited outside the venue as Mustaine also posed for a few photos before driving off for the night. See additional fan-shot video of the performances below.

Dave Mustaine and the San Diego Symphony Perform Vivaldi's 'Summer'

Dave Mustaine and the San Diego Symphony Perform Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries'

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