Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has been upping his workload lately, not only keeping busy with the thrash icons, but heading up his own record label (EMP Group) and even his own brand of coffee. With "Roast in Peace" already out, the musician and coffee enthusiast is ready to roll out "Kenya Thrash," the newest in the Ellefson Coffee line.

Packaged in a metallic red bag (photo below), Kenya Thrash is a 90 percent blend of Kenya-Kichwa Arabica beans and 10 percent India Robusta, which makes for an earthy and savory blend. Upon tasting, one will notice elements of grapefruit and black pepper. This blend contrasts "Roast in Peace," which contained notes of chocolate, dark caramel and roasted nuts. Orders can be placed through the EMP Group website.

Commenting on this previous roast, Ellefson stated, “My love for coffee has accompanied me around the world for my entire musical career. Just like the spirit of a culture or the melody of a song, the enjoyment of coffee brings people together and creates harmony among us. The beans in this bag are traceable to their global origin and exemplify the spirit and culture of the people who grew them. It is my aim to bring this roast to our tables and awake our taste buds, fire up our rock n roll spirits and continue the global fellowship of music, art and coffee. May you, Roast in Peace!"

The bass legend is not the only Megadeth member named Dave to form his own line of coffee. Frontman Dave Mustaine had his own signature brand of coffee, abruptly pulling out of the venture in August of 2009.

Megadeth's newest album, Dystopia, was released in January earlier this year, reaching No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart, netting the group their second highest position ever. The album was the first to feature new guitarist Kiko Loureiro and Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler.

Ellefson Coffee Co., Kenya Thrash

Ellefson Coffee Co.
Ellefson Coffee Co.

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