As the Grammy Awards are quickly approaching this Sunday (Feb. 12), the nominees for the 'Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance' category are readying their tuxedos and preparing their speeches. Foo Fighters, Dream Theater, Mastodon, Megadeth and Sum 41 are all nominated for the precious prize and have been sharing their excitement with a cluster of new quotes.

Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie has been incredibly vocal about the honor of being nominated ever since the news broke. "We're ecstatic," says LaBrie to "Personally, I've already got the cleats on the bottom of my dress shoes so I can run up on the stage. This is [about] getting a nod, getting the recognition from the industry itself [and] giving us a little bit more of a platform as far as public awareness."

Mastodon were nominated for 'Best Metal Performance' in 2006, but the jolt of the nomination hasn't desensitized the band for 2012. "We were shocked when we heard about the nomination because we never imagined it would be in the realm of possibility that this might happen," says Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor. "We never saw our music as commercially viable in any way. We'd never expected the Recording Academy to notice that we'd even existed. The fact that we've been nominated is nice to begin with."

Megadeth have yet to gain a golden gramophone, but with their 10th overall nomination the band are still hopeful for a win. "Kenny G came up to us a little while ago — he's got the same manager that I do," regales Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine. "And he said, 'Don't feel bad, I've had [17] nominations and only won once.'"

Mustaine continued, "I still really appreciate the fact that my peers are voting me as a nominee. That's an accomplishment in itself. This year would be great to win it."

The 54th annual Grammy Awards will hit your TV's on Sunday, Feb. 12. Who do you think deserves to win the 'Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance' award?

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