Dirk Verbeuren has been holding down duties on the Megadeth drum kit for a little while now, but the band has made his addition official. Verbeuren, who came to the band from Soilwork and was recommended by Chris Adler, played his first show with the band at Rock on the Range in May.

Frontman Dave Mustaine recently revealed that Chris Adler, who played on the band's Dystopia album and took part in the early touring for the album, was no longer with the group. Adler is a member of Lamb of God and while he pulled double duty drumming for both bands for a while, there was some scheduling conflicts where Megadeth had to use a different drummer.

Speaking about Adler and Verbeuren, Mustaine stated, "Chris Adler's contributions are sure to be felt for years to come. Megadeth has been revitalized by Chris' playing, as well as his excellent suggestion of Dirk Verbeuren to drum with us. Tremendous thanks to Chris, and a big welcome to Dirk."

Verbeuren also commented, stating, "Dave, David and Kiko, I'm thankful for your warm welcome and thrilled at the opportunity to perform and create badass music with you guys. Chris Adler, thank you for introducing me to Megadeth - and for your encouragement and support."

Adler also issued a statement, which reads, "It has been an honor and a pleasure to join my favorite band of all time, and to be a part of their return to the top. I had an amazing time with everyone involved, from the writing, arranging and recording, to the touring and friendships built along the way. There was no argument or drama, no hidden story. Megadeth needs and deserves a full time drummer, and as much as I'd like to be, I can't be in two places at once. For my part, I am very lucky to be a part of Lamb of God, and to also have gotten a chance to dance with my heroes at the ball. I still can't believe it sometimes when I think of myself as a kid, opening up my Megadeth albums...and now I'm an alumni! I'm very proud of that -- and I will continue to be their biggest fan."

Megadeth have toured extensively in 2016 in support of the Dystopia album and will have performed on five continents by the end of the year. You can catch the band performing at these stops.

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