Just weeks into the new year, Megadeth released their 15th studio album, Dystopia. Hailed as one of the best records from the thrash legends, they've been on the road, relentlessly touring in support of the new material. Frontman Dave Mustaine has also revealed the band has no intent on slowing down, eyeing a world tour in 2017 with five support acts, including Body Count.

The massive tour should come as no surprise seeing as Megadeth have been hitting the road with deep packages, running upward of five bands in all. “We're talking about a very large tour next summer with five bands on it with us. It's going to be more of a guest appearance than a direct support kind of thing," Mustaine told Metal Hammer.

Cautious to reveal too much, the guitarist / vocalist went on to add, "We've been looking at a lot of interesting acts, but for me I don't always try and pick out the flavor of the month – I have loyalty to my friends. I always thoughts that Body Count, while if not for everybody, I thought it was great. It's not your normal metal band, it's cool to see somebody crossing over from the hip-hop world into the metal world. I think it's great to be open-minded about different people from different backgrounds.”

With the world tour taking the package to Asia, Megadeth are slated to perform in Malaysia for the first time since the ban on the group has been lifted. “I'm super thrilled about this," the mainman exclaimed. "We had been banned in Malaysia because of some knobhead in a remote area had conducted a black metal seance of some sort and killed somebody, then gave us the indubitable honor of spray painting Megadeth and Slayer on the wall."

Body Count, led by renowned rapper Ice-T, released Manslaughter in 2014, their first new record since 2006 and fifth in total. The group signed a deal with Century Media in June and have begun working on their next full length effort.

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