Megadeth are bringing their 'Gigantour' festival trek back in 2013 and frontman Dave Mustaine confirmed that David Draiman's new band Device will be part of the run this year.

The news came out as Mustaine was speaking with Syracuse DJ Joe D. on his 'Saturday Night Scream' program on 95X. The conversation turned to the recent collaboration with Draiman on Megadeth's upcoming album, 'Super Collider.' Mustaine explained, "[We] met when we did the [Rockstar Energy Drink] Mayhem Festival a couple of years ago. That was the year that my arm got blown out on the tour again and I finished the tour with just two fingers … I think that kind of impressed David a little bit. So we kind of talked a little bit and became friends."

Mustaine said the fact he'd been using producer Johnny K. for his new album helped as the knob-turner had worked on some of Disturbed's records. He recalls, "The record was done and I was over at his house listening to the new Device record. I said, 'Hey, you know what?! Would you be interested in singing this part at the end of 'Dance in the Rain' ... and Dave did it, and I've gotta tell you, I think that, knowing how the two artists sound, I don't know that the other guy is even capable of touching the performance that Draiman did. So that was awesome for us. And I was so excited, I asked him to be on Gigantour this year."

Mustaine says that while he's fine with confirming Device, he's holding the rest of the bands for Gigantour under wraps. But he adds, "I think [fans] are gonna be pretty stoked, because each one of the other bands on there, they're new bands comprised of a person who was a major celebrity from a really large band that went on to do something new -- another really good clue for you and your listeners."

To hear Mustaine's full interview, check out the audio player here.

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