Megadeth have just revealed two essential pieces of their fourteenth studio album, 'Super Collider.' Not only have Megadeth offered the record's artwork through a game of memory cards, but the thrash legends are also offering up a preview of the new song 'Don't Turn Your Back.'

'Don't Turn Your Back' plays like classic Megadeth. The song offers a simple crunchy riff before frontman Dave Mustaine plows into the first verse. The tease of 'Don't Turn Your Back' succeeds in allowing the listener to bang their head and enjoy the track without giving too much away. The portion of Megadeth's newest track is also very basic and straightforward, but cuts out right as it ramps up towards the chorus, leaving the listener wondering how exactly 'Don't Turn Your Back' will bust out its powerful resolution.

The album art for 'Super Collider' depicts an intoxicatingly colorful picture of Switzerland's Large Hadron Collider. In fact, the album cover is a slight reworking of a well-known picture of the collider, with a few light orbs added in for good measure. Although we're revealing the 'Super Collider' album art here, we recommend that you still play the Megadeth memory card game, where you match up past Megadeth album covers to reveal the 'Super Collider' image.

Head to to hear the preview of 'Don't Turn Your Back' and to play the memory game.