Singing competition shows aren't really our forte, unless one of the competitors happens to do a smooth jazz rendition of Slayer's 'Angel of Death' of course. Although shows such as 'The Voice' don't normally produce performances that would catch our attention, this version of the White Stripes staple 'Seven Nation Army' is a breathtaking exception.

On Monday night (Nov. 19), 'The Voice' contestant Melanie Martinez performed a haunting rendition of 'Seven Nation Army' that left the studio audience rabid for more. With her hair color split in two by black and bleach, Martinez added some extra layers to the famously simple track, choosing to sing frontman Jack White's main guitar line.

The warmth of Martinez's voice lends a beautifully haunting edge to 'Seven Nation Army,' which is amplified by a very Tim Burton-esque group of backing musicians and colorful murals created Martinez herself. Judges Adam Levine, Blake Sheldon and Cee Lo Green all praised Martinez's version of the track, with Christina Aguilera holding back a bit in admiration. Sheldon even expressed regret that he hadn't selected Martinez to join his team.

Check out this very different, but captivating performance of 'Seven Nation Army' on 'The Voice.'

Melanie Martinez Performs The White Stripes' 'Seven Nation Army'