If you didn’t spend your life savings purchasing the childhood home of Ronnie James Dio on eBay recently, there’s another auction up for grabs that might interest fans of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

With a claim to fame as being a “one of a kind piece of grunge rock history,” this beat up old 1972 Dodge van might not seem like much of a collectible at first glance, but the history that comes along with it is where the magic lies.

Used to transport the Melvins during their first U.S. tour and aptly named Melvan, the ole' jalopy includes artwork on the side panel, crafted by Kurt Cobain. The future Nirvana star, who was a roadie for the Melvins during that time period, drove the band around in the Melvan on several occasions and added his personal flair crafting his own version of the cover art of Kiss’ self-titled debut disc on the van.

If the story sounds familiar, it's because this is the second time Melvan has been up for auction on eBay, the first time around the reserve wasn’t met and buyers were questioning the artwork and its authenticity. This time around the seller, Ben Berg, tells Rolling Stone that he has covered all of his bases, getting a statement from Matt Lukin who was the Melvins’ original bassist before moving on to Mudhoney. In addition to Lukin’s statement, the artwork was also authenticated by Steve Shillinger, a close friend of the band who’s house Cobain crashed in many a night.

The van currently resides in Montesano, Wash. and according to the ad, still runs.

The bidding is currently open with no reserve this time around, so in three days, Melvan will have a new owner and that new owner will own a little piece of grunge history.

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