The 2012 Metal Alliance Tour contains a vast array of crushing metal acts from power metal to deathcore. With seven, count 'em, seven bands having invaded New York's Gramercy Theater, the onslaught of metal filled the venue from floor to ceiling.

Deathcore acts Wretched and Impending Doom started off the show with quick and effective sets. Wretched served as a strong opener to heat up the crowd, while Impending Doom brought resident metalheads smoldering onto the floor. With the venue draped only in dim red lights, the atmosphere of Impending Doom's performance carried on for the remainder of the show.

3 Inches of Blood unleashed one of the night's most memorable and inventive sets, jamming their signature brand of power and heavy metal mixed with aggressive thrash. Vocalist Cam Pipes, who was recently interviewed by Full Metal Jackie, wailed with soaring falsettos as the instrumental portion of the band held down a strong foundation. Plus, you've got to love 'Deadly Sinners' performed live.

A trifecta of brutality was lined up from that point onward, with Job for a Cowboy, Dying Fetus and the Faceless playing back, to back, to back. Job for a Cowboy showcased a more technical side of the band along with their new bassist and guitarist, but the band couldn't quite inspire fans as they did with tracks from their 'Doom' EP.

Dying Fetus deserve the crown for "heaviest band" on Metal Alliance, even with the band only consisting of three members. The trio absolutely crushed with their set with a sound that would turn a weaker building into rubble.

The Faceless and DevilDriver both kept the energetic crowd going, who retained an impressive amount of adrenaline throughout the seven-band metalfest. The Faceless brought a more technical version of deathcore, which fit the bill nicely, as metal veterans DevilDriver rounded out the massive tour with an injection of groove.

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