A metal fan has filed suit against promoters Live Nation after sustaining an injury during a 2012 Lamb of God concert in Connecticut. The concertgoer was allegedly trampled by the crowd in the standing-room section of the venue, causing fractures to the spine which required surgery.

TMZ reports that William Tarantino is seeking more than $75,000 from Live Nation. The Lamb of God fan claims he was unfortunately caught in a mosh once the crowd went nuts. After allegedly being trampled at the 2012 gig, surgical fusion was performed on Tarantino to repair serious damage to the cervical spine.

Unfortunately, the fan claims surgery didn't fully heal his injuries, which have caused continued pain and suffering for well over two years.

As of this posting, no reports have suggested Tarantino will take legal action against Lamb of God. In a completely separate and well publicized case, the band's frontman, Randy Blythe, spent more than a month in Czech prison after being arrested on manslaughter charges in 2012 stemming from a 2010 concert. Blythe was eventually found not guilty in the death of fan Daniel Nosek, whose passing was possibly caused by a traumatic head injury sustained after a stage dive gone wrong.

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