If you're tired of hardly seeing any social media posts from the bands you follow, how do you think they feel about it? It's fair to assume they're pissed and now there's a new, metal-only app called Bandbond that eliminates all the problems with standard social media.

The mobile app, available on both Android and iPhone devices, is the brainchild of Dark Tranquillity keyboardist Martin Brändström, who grew increasingly agitated with stifling algorithms and the model which encouraged and nearly mandated bands and brands to pay to reach people who already follow them on social media.

Bandbond's aim is simple: if you follow a band and they post about something, you will see it, provided you scroll through your feed long enough to get through all of the latest posts.

Upon downloading the app, the user is prompted to select which bands to follow and can even enable the ability to follow each member of those selected bands without taking any additional steps.

"The relationship between a band and its fans is unique and not something you can market like toothpaste or soft drinks," said Brändström, who partnered with producer an TV series score composer Joacim Starander and Swedish metal journalist Mattias Lindeblad to bring the project to life.

"Without sponsoring a post, you will only reach a fraction of your followers," he continued. "It's really kind of strange that someone can charge you to reach the fans that actually wants to be reached, and to make you pay for the display of content that you yourself, as a band, has created which generates traffic to their platform."

On traditional social media platforms, the reach of a post can be as low as five percent, meaning only five out of every 100 followers may see actually see that post. That problem has been eliminated.

"Within the metal scene, we're used to doing things ourselves," Brändström added, noting, "Back in the days when we didn't get coverage in mainstream media we started our own fanzines, traded tapes all over the world, did local radio shows, etc. In these days, when you’'e forced to use social media, it’s strangely harder for bands to reach out than it ever was. Within the passionate metal community, we've taken control by ourselves before. Why not do it again?"

Bandbond can be downloaded through Apple's App Store and Google Play.

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