The year is 2010 — Iron Maiden end their longest studio drought and release The Final Frontier, a couple death metal icons of old make their comeback, djent is invented, black metal gets even broader and a quirky band named Ghost quietly dropped their debut album. We take it back to the start of a new decade with the 66 Metal Songs That Defined 2010.

There's a lot more to 2010 than just what was mentioned above. Avenged Sevenfold recruited Mike Portnoy in the wake of the tragic passing of drummer Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan in late 2009, Accept got a new singer, Kveltertak entered the arena, Ozzy showed off his new guitar player Gus G., Celtic Frost's Tom G. Warrior stormed back with his post-Celtic Frost group Triptykon... oh, and famed actor Christopher Lee even released a metal album!

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Revisit this banner year in metal and scroll through the 66 Metal Songs That Defined 2010 below and for a playlist, check this.

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