This is insanity! A metalhead auditioned for Quebec’s version of The Voice, La Voix, by growling his way through Necrophagist’s “Stabwound”… and he got picked by a judge on national television!

In case you don’t watch The Voice, it’s that reality singing competition with the spinny chairs. Contestants perform a blind audition for the panel of four judges and if one or more likes what they hear, they hit a button to turn around and face their potential protege. The singer hops aboard a team and the race to the end begins.

The Voice here in the U.S. mainly deals with pop music, with a little rock sneaking in once in a while, like when KISS actually rocked the finale of last year’s Voice with winner Sundance Head. The thought of death metal making its way onto The Voice is unfathomable, but our neighbors to the north have welcomed tech death with open arms.

Louis-Paul Gauvreau, who sings gutturals in The Unconscious Mind, was picked by French Canadian folk / country / pop singer Isabelle Boulay. We’ll be keeping our eye on the death metal vocalist and how far he actually gets in La Voix. Good luck, buddy!

Check out Louis-Paul Gauvreau’s brutal performance above!

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