YouTube sensation Rob Scallon is at it again. He's celebrating "May-tallica," and last week unveiled a backwards recording of "Enter Sandman." Now the talented musician has hopped on a tractor and recorded a rollicking banjo version of Metallica's crushing "Battery."

The video that you can check out above features Scallon and a couple overall-clad buddies headbanging in a rural setting while playing banjo and upright bass and sporting spiffy straw hats. There are also cuts to Scallon playing in the studio, with his fingers moving at blazing speed on the banjo on some of the solo parts.

"Battery" wasn't Scallon's first banjo cover. He's also sported the overalls for a twangy version of Slayer's "Angel of Death." The multi-talented Scallon has also covered hard rock and metal songs playing ukelele and cello. Cannibal Corpse's "Frantic Disembowelment" got the ukelele treatment while his cello skills are on display on System of a Down‘s "Aerials."

What does Scallon have in store for the rest of "May-tallica?" We're not sure, but we definitely look forward to whatever it might be. We'll keep you updated as soon as he posts another video.

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