It's here! Metallica have released the third song from their upcoming 72 Seasons album titled "If Darkness Had a Son" and the internet has some thoughts.

"If Darkness Had a Son" is a dark and driving new song, fitting perfectly within the band's wheelhouse and it feels like it would be a strong addition to their setlist. That said, the internet has provided some mixed reactions to the track.

One fan wrote, "You went complete boss mode," while another added, "Hetfield is a riff master." "Yas Kings It's so good," offered another fan. Even Disturbed's David Draiman chimed in, saying, "I dig. A lot." But there were some that were critical of the song as well, with one person stating that Kirk Hammett's solos ruined the song, and another pointing out some "awkward lyrics." Yet another called the song "repetitive."

The song is currently available here and you can take a deeper dive into the lyrical content at this location. Meanwhile, the 72 Seasons is still on target for an April 14 release and pre-orders are being taken at this location. Get a listen to the song below and then check out some of the social media commentary surrounding "If Darkness Had a Son"

Metallica, "if Darkness Had a Son"

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