Metallica threw down the inaugural installment of the Orion Music + More Festival in Atlantic City, N.J., the weekend of June 23. If you weren't one of the tens of thousands of music fans in attendance at the diverse music and lifestyle event, check out Metallica's official Day One video recap of the festivities below. 

More and more bands have started going the DIY route as far as music festivals are concerned -- Pearl Jam had a weekend long bash (PJ20) in Wisconsin to commemorate their 20th anniversary in 2011, Slipknot will host their own shindig (Knot Fest) later this year, etc. The band-led festival is not a new concept, but it is almost the opposite of a Lollapalooza type festival. Instead of playing to a vast sea of different tastes, bands can focus in on a certain type of fan and play to their likes more directly.

Metallica took an eclectic approach to the Orion Music + More festival, combining both of the aforementioned strategies. They drafted acts that were in the wheelhouse of their fans -- Avenged Sevenfold, Red Fang -- and others who were likely unfamiliar to the typical Metallica fan -- Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, etc. The diverse nature of the lineup served as a reflection of the diversity of the band members' tastes, which was also highlighted by their different lifestyle attractions.

Day one of the fest brought performances from Kyng, The Sword, Gaslight Anthem, Cage The Elephant, Suicidal Tendencies, Modest Mouse and, of course, Metallica. The thrash metal/hard rock titans performed their sophomore album, 'Ride the Lightning,' in its entirety for the first time ever, which included the live debut of the track 'Escape' and can be seen in the video below along with other highlights from the day.

For a more detailed recounting of the days events, check out Loudwire's official recap for the first day of the Orion Music + More festival.

Watch Metallica's Day 1 Recap of Orion Music + More

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