Earlier this week, thrash legends Metallica vowed to deliver "Atlas, Rise!," the third new song off the forthcoming Hardwired... To Self-Destruct album, on Halloween. With more treats than tricks, they've offered a preview of the track three days ahead of its release to further excite fans.

The clip can be heard at Metallica's website and is just under 30 seconds long, but seems to offer a fair glimpse at what fans can expect from the six and a half minute track. It starts with a rapid succession of muted cords that go into what we assume is the verse. A simple lead lies underneath the first line before rejoining the rhythm as Hetfield exclaims, "Crucify and witness, circling the sun / bastardizing ruin, what have you become / blame the world and blame your maker / push 'em to the undertaker, crown yourself the other savior / so you carry on."

The entire song will come at 3PM ET on Monday, Oct. 31. Adding to the spirit of Halloween, starting today (Oct. 28), special limited edition Metallica Halloween masks have been distributed to record stores around the world and are being given away for free. These masks will also come with a download code, allowing fans to hear "Atlas, Rise!" a full 30 minutes prior to its scheduled release.

Hardwired... To Self-Destruct is the first new record from the metal icons since 2008's Death Magnetic. It will also serve as Metallica's first ever double album with 12 tracks in total. Pre-order your copy here and browse through a variety of bundle options as well.

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