Ready to rank the closing song on every Metallica album?

Join us, won't you, as we continue our latest Metallica journey here at Loudwire that began with ranking Metallica album openers.

After all, Metallica are so important to metal — not to mention music and culture in general — that looking at their catalog from different angles can sometimes offer a unique perspective, especially for the metalhead deeply familiar with all of it.

So let's rank the closing song on every Metallica album, shall we?

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See our ranking down toward the bottom of this page.

You may or may not entirely agree with our ranking, which spans from the final song on Metallica's 1983 debut, Kill 'Em All, up through closing track of their latest LP, 2023's 72 Seasons.

It doesn't include Lulu, Metallica's album with Lou Reed, though Metallica consider it canon in their discography.

Keep reading below for the ranking!

Ranking the Closing Song on Every Metallica Album

We ranked the closing track on every one of Metallica's studio albums.

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