If you somehow missed out on either attending or watching the stream of Metallica's 2022 All Within My Hands foundation "Helping Hands" benefit show, Metallica have you covered for one of the special moments. During their performance, they debuted a new cover song, taking on the Thin Lizzy track "Borderline" as one of the night's special treats.

Metallica fans are already familiar with the band's take on Thin Lizzy's "Whiskey in the Jar," as it has become one of the group's most popular cover songs, but James Hetfield and the crew served up this bluesier number that showcased the singer's weathered vocal and acoustic guitar playing in a performance that clearly felt like Hetfield meant every single word.

The band were joined onstage by Avi Vincour of the group Goodnight, Texas, who provided acoustic guitar backing along with background vocals. The performance came as part of an acoustic section of the set, which also featured "Blackened," "The Unforgiven," the UFO cover "It's Killing Me" and the aforementioned "Whiskey in the Jar."

The night also featured the live debut of Metallica's newest song, "Lux Æterna," from the forthcoming 72 Seasons album, which is due April 14.

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Metallica, "Borderline" (Dec. 16, 2022 Helping Hands Concert)

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