With the films 'Some Kind of Monster' and 'Get Him to the Greek' already under his belt and appearances in two upcoming films, Metallica stickman Lars Ulrich is building quite the IMDB profile. Despite all his big screen activities, Ulrich says he's not actively pursuing an acting career.

Lars Ulrich hilariously lampooned himself in 'Get Him to the Greek' -- and unintentionally in the heavy metal tear-fest 'Some Kind of Monster.' The drummer will finally portray someone other than himself in the upcoming film 'Hemmingway and Gellhorn.' Ulrich appears as Dutch documentarian Joris Ivens alongside Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman -- who portray writers Ernest Hemmingway and Martha Gelhorn.

In addition to his role in the HBO film, Lars will also be in Metallica's upcoming 3D concert film which will also include a storyline -- a la Led Zeppelin's 'The Song Remains the Same.' That's a lot of screen time for a professional musician, but as Lars tells Pulse of Radio, the projects are coming to him -- not the other way around ."The acting thing is not something that I'm chasing," says Ulrich. "The couple, three, four things I've done are all people that have come to me and asked me if I wanted to partake."

"I'm certainly interested in film, I'm passionate about film, but I can't tell you that it's something that I'm chasing," says Ulrich. "And I don't have any sort of aspirations about being some next-level actor or anything like that."

'Hemmingway and Gellhorn' premieres on HBO on May 28 and Metallica's 3D concert film will be shot by Nimrod Antal ('Preadators,' 'Vacancy') this August with a planned 2013 release.

See Lars Ulrich in the 'Hemmingway and Gellhorn' Trailer