The topic of Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars' health has been a talking point amongst fans for a very long time. Within the past few years, various members of Motley Crue have noted Mars' condition as the reason they will soon call it quits, but Mick Mars has denounced these statements yet again.

Mick Mars was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis at the age of 17. The disease causes the vertebrae in your spine to fuse together, limiting movement and causing immense pain as the condition progresses into complete fusion and rigidity of the spine.

“He has a spinal disease that’s slowly fusing his vertebrae together," drummer Tommy Lee recently told electronic musician Deadmau5 in a recent video. "It’s one of those things that’s treatable, but not curable. So it’s just progressively getting really worse and it’s painful for him, so he doesn’t want to tour much longer. I can’t say I blame him … We want to go out with one big hurrah with the original guys and be done with it."

In response to Mars' tweet, Lee chimed in with the following comment:

Whatever the actual reason, Motley Crue are set to embark on a farewell tour sometime in the next couple of years. Stay tuned into Loudwire for all your Crue updates.

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