Drummer Mike Portnoy has shown his ability to fit in with a number of different bands over the years, but how have the decisions made by Portnoy shaped the last four years of his life?

Portnoy discussed the evolution of his career with Rocksverige and how he's gone from the security of Dream Theater, a band he left in 2010, to the freedom of playing with several different groups over the last few years, including a stint with Avenged Sevenfold.

As for whether or not he has any regrets, Portnoy stated, "I find that there´s lots of actions you take in your life and if it turns out to be something that brings a result that you didn´t want or you weren´t anticipating, it's not something you should regret, it's just simply something you should learn from. There's a lot of things in my life that I've learned from and ultimately I don't regret them, because they got me to where I am right now. I'm as happy as I've ever been and as musically fulfilled as I've ever been."

Portnoy went on to add, "I'll paraphrase like this. When I came to that crossroad four years ago, if I hadn't made the decision I had, I probably would've spent the rest of my life wondering 'what if?' 'What if I left the band?' I think it's better to follow your heart and take the risk than wonder what could've been."

When asked if he had to choose one of his current bands over the other for the future, the rocker stated, "That's a tough question. Luckily it's hypothetical because it would suck to have to make that choice and decision. I was in one band for 25 years and I can never be criticized or accused of being a musical whore or whatever! I am a very faithful person when I am dedicated to one band and I proved that for 25 years, but I don't think I'm there right now to make the commitment."

The drummer did go on to call The Winery Dogs his "real band," stating that there is a commitment there and that all of his other commitments revolve around that, but that he feels a need to play with Flying Colors and Transatlantic as well. "That diversity and that range is what I´m thriving on and it´s what´s making me so unbelievably musically fulfilled," said the drummer.

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