Multi-instrumentalist and experimental rocker Miles Seaton of Akron/Family and the former Angels of Light backing band, has died at the age of 41, as reported by Rolling Stone.

Akron/Family, founded in 2002, released six full length studio albums as well as one split album with Angels of Light, the folk group formed by Michael Gira of Swans after he initially retired the boundary-pushing avant-garde group in 1997. Seaton, alongside the band's three other members, played various instruments and all sang, which led to their concert performances hinging on a somewhat improvisational nature.

Seaton's playing can also be heard on two Angels of Light albums — 2005's The Angels of Light Sing 'Other People' and 2007's We Are Him, the latter of which is the group's final record. Both of those releases came out on Gira's Young God Records, as did Akron/Family's first four records before the band released their last three albums on Dead Oceans.

In recent years, Seaton had recorded and released music as a solo artist, his latest album being 2017's Phases in Exile.

Phil Waldorf, co-founder of Dead Oceans, reflected on the loss in a Twitter thread, where he shared some of his favorite memories of Seaton and praised his kind spirit.

"It's listening and learning from someone you feel lucky to be in the presence of, and even luckier they trust you to put out such important records in the world. Miles was a one of a kind person, in a one of a kind band. It's a rush of emotions," he wrote, in part.

Justin Vernon of folk group Bon Iver commented on Seaton's death on Twitter as well, offering, "I cannot believe Miles Seaton is gone. He is an integral part of so many musical histories. I am in shock and grieving for those who knew and loved him the most. Hearts out to all of you. His music will live on forever."

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Loudwire extends our condolences to the Seaton family, Miles' bandmates and all who were close with him.

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