Ministry just dropped a new track from their politically fueled AmeriKKKant album. “Wargasm” comments on America’s addiction to war from the perspective of Al Jourgensen, who puts President Trump in his crosshairs throughout Ministry’s 14th studio album.

“Wargasm” features a guest spot from fellow industrial legend Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory, who puts on clown makeup and recites the song’s spoken-word parts into the camera. You may also catch Ministry’s subtle tribute to the Buzzcocks in the song, as the term “Wargasm addict” is repeated in the chorus, referencing the British punks’ classic “Orgasm Addict.”

Like Ministry’s work during the George W. Bush era, the video for “Wargasm” is riddled with imagery of military combat. Jourgensen’s samples for the track reference the so-called “Mother of all bombs,” which was dropped on Afghanistan in 2017, reportedly killing 92 ISIS militants. You’ll also hear clips of MSNBC reporter Brian Williams speaking of a “beautiful” 2017 missile strike on Syria, which he was heavily criticized for after the fact.

As for the full scope of Ministry’s new album, Al Jourgensen says, "This album, AmeriKKKant, will provide FEMA-type relief for the devastation 'Hurricane Cheeto' has brought upon us.”

Check out Ministry’s new lyric video for “Wargasm” above and click here to pre-order AmeriKKKant, which is set for a March 9 release.

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