We recently posted part of our exclusive interview with Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen, in which he claimed that the upcoming Ministry album is one of the "top 50 records of all time by any band." Luckily, that was only one of Jourgensen's golden moments during the interview. The Ministry mastermind also shared his thoughts on the current state of the Republican Party.

"It's ridiculous. They're knuckleheads," says Jourgensen. "They're just ridiculous, they're panderers, they're hypocrites, they're liars. My only suggestion is to just hold your nose and just hit Democrat across the board. Lets get these idiots out of Congress. They're all knuckleheads. All the people running for it are knuckleheads and they're not electable - Obama is."

Jourgensen continued, "I'm gonna do everything I can to get voter registration up this year and to support the Democratic Party - even while holding my nose. I'll do it because of the alternative. These Republicans, especially these rookie knuckleheads, these Tea Party f---s. No! I'm not dealing with it. I'll go toe to toe with them in any way, anytime, anywhere. I'll have a cage match with these f---ers! I'll slam Marco Rubio (Republican State Senator) to the f---ing ground wearing a lucha libre mask from Mexico.

"I'm sick of these people, man," Jourgensen emoted. "Their ideas are just so rehashed and not working and old and they're racist. That's the only reason Obama gets so much crap. It's because these people are racist. They just don't like the idea of a black President and that freaks me out in this country. After all the civil rights stuff and and how far we've come - to really freak out at having a black President. Really? Give me a break. Just leave him alone, let him govern. That's not what they [Republicans] do, they don't govern. They just bicker and attack everything and everyone and 'Less government! No Government!' C--t! C--t! C--t! C--t! These people are knuckleheads. That is not a policy, that is suicide."

Stay tuned for more golden moments in our full interview with Ministry's Al Jourgensen.