The Original Misfits seem to be teasing an upcoming New York City concert to take place at Madison Square Garden, judging by two recent social media posts proffered by Live Nation's official NYC-area promotional team.

With one photo showing the Misfits' iconic "Fiend" face emblazoned on an MSG marquee, the other presenting the same logo strewn huge across the skyline, it would certainly appear that a gig from the recently reunited Original Misfits — which contains founding vocalist Glenn Danzig and original bassist Jerry Only — is coming to the Big Apple in short order. (Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein also performs with the reconvened crew, though he's not always billed as such.) See the pics down toward the bottom of the page.

But how many more concerts are left from the Original Misfits? As Danzig explained in an interview with Full Metal Jackie last month, the band doesn’t plan on carrying their reunion plans that far into the future.

"With the Misfits thing, we just kinda got back together and just decided we'd do it here or there, and just not make it a grind kinda tour," the singer revealed. "We just want to make each event special. We're not gonna do many more. I know we just announced Seattle and Denver, but I'm pretty sure there's not gonna be many more of them."

Last week, following Dave Mustaine's announcement uncovering his cancer diagnosis, the Original Misfits were revealed as the replacement for Megadeth as headliners at the upcoming Psycho Las Vegas festival.

Update: It’s official. See the tweet below:

See the upcoming Misfits shows announced so far below.

Original Misfits 2019 U.S. Tour Dates

Aug. 17 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ Psycho Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino)
Sept. 7 – Denver, Colo. @ Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre
Sept. 11 – Oakland, Calif. @ Oracle Arena
Sept. 14 – Seattle, Wash. @ White River Amphitheatre
Oct. 19 - New York, N.Y. @ Madison Square Garden

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