Happy Birthday to Monster Magnet frontman Dave Wyndorf. The singer and guitarist turns 57 today (Oct. 28). To celebrate Dave's musical accomplishments, we've named 'Space Lord' our Video of the Day!

Dave Wyndorf, a New Jersey native, helped form Monster Magnet in 1989. Wyndorf has been chugging away ever since, though lineup changes have left him as the only original member in Monster Magnet's current form. Led by Wyndorf, Monster Magnet have released a total of three demos, three EPs and nine studio albums, with their most recent full-length, 'Last Patrol,' just released on Oct. 15 via Napalm Records.

To many Monster Magnet fans, 'Powertrip' is the band's go-to album. It even reached the No. 1 spot of the Heatseekers Chart and gained gold certification. 'Space Lord' is the first single released from 'Powertrip' and the song has racked up well over three million views on YouTube. Wyndorf's voice is the centerpiece of 'Space Lord,' with the singer lending a perfect '90s alt-rock vocal style to the track.

The 'Space Lord' music video is a mix between rock and roll excess mixed with darker, somewhat disturbing imagery as well. 'Space Lord' is the only music video we can think of that makes you want to crawl into a desolate hole and take a trip to Las Vegas at the same time.

Happy Birthday to Dave Wyndorf! Check out Monster Magnet's video for 'Space Lord' above!