Here's the most played song live off all 16 of Megadeth's studio albums.

Every band has their setlist staples — Megadeth not withstanding — and there's some of the expected tracks from classic albums that are right there at the top as the most popular ones to play live.

But what about the more modern side of the catalog? There's eight Megadeth records from the 21st century and one album in particular has been very popular live, with seven of its songs combining for 1,072 plays onstage. Only six other albums have been represented live more.

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Here's a fun game to play: look up the setlists to any and all of the Megadeth shows you've gone to and find out how many of these songs below you've seen them play.

We all have our dream setlists, and while those are usually a bit heavy on deep cuts, there's still some of those enduring metal classics we can't get enough of and need to hear every time.

Even as the most played track off an album, some of these Megadeth cuts haven't been performed in well over a decade, so they're still rarities in their own right.

The Most Played Song Live Off Each Megadeth Album

Come take a look at the most popular song to be played live from all 16 of Megadeth's studio albums.

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