Here is the most played song live off every Slayer album (and one EP).

The Big 4 thrash legends released 11 albums of original material in addition to the cult favorite 1984 EP, Haunting the Chapel.

While there are certainly highs and lows amid the catalog, one quality rings true for it all, which is that Slayer were completely uncompromising in their approach to metal, remaining musically and lyrically brutal and visceral all throughout.

The only real lean in another direction came with the nu-metal addled Diabolus in Musica and, since a debut album is usually an obvious culmination of influences, their Show No Mercy debut was more closely aligned with NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) before they completely broke free and blazed their own trail.

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The songs that have been played live the most off each record are the ones that make us all scream, "FUCKING SLAAAAAAYYYERRRR" until our throats bleed.

There's a few albums that contain a handful of all-time hits, but only one song on each effort stands above the rest when it comes to live representation.

Dig in below!

The Most Played Song Live Off Every Slayer Album

And these songs will stay that way unless Slayer ever come out of retirement.

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