It's 2016, which means Motley Crue are no longer. Though they had their share of downs, the Los Angeles outfit never disbanded, despite periods of inactivity and uncertainty. When the decision came to call it a day, the four, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee signed a "cessation of touring" agreement, legally forbidding them to ever tour again. New Year's Eve marked the final performance from the seminal glam act and it was dotted with memorable moments from Sixx's speech to Tommy Lee's drum kit getting stuck on the track during the 'Cruecifly' stunt.

Midway through the set, singer Vince Neil addressed the crowd and brought up "the baddest motherf--cker that I know" front and center (video above) and handed off the microphone to his bassist. Kneeling down and taking in all the raucous applause, Sixx reflected on Motley Crue's last tour. He said they outlined all the cities they wanted to play, "but at the top of the list, we said we're gonna f--cking end it where we f--cking started it, right here in Los Angeles, California!"

The bassist went on to tell a story from his childhood about how he would always take his grandfather's pocket knife off the table. After this went on for a while, his grandfather gave him his first knife and Sixx then produced a knife he had kept in his boot, saying he "it represents to me that if you want something and you want it bad enough, you just keep doing it!"

The night would not have been complete without Tommy Lee's infamous drum solo stunt, dubbed 'the Cruecifly.' Guided along two roller coaster tracks, Lee's kit goes airborn, spinning on a 360 degree, horizontal axis between the rails. In most memorable fashion, the stunt malfunctioned as the kit got stuck in mid-air with Lee hanging upside down (video below). Stuck, the drummer exclaimed, “Oh s–t, it looks like the f—in’ roller coaster’s broken. Did we break the s–t? I guess we broke it.” Technicians acted quickly and climbed up the rails free-handed, stabilized the drum platform and were able to get the stickman back down to the stage.

The show was shot for a full-length concert film, which will also include a documentary segment by director Christian Lamb. A film adaptation of the tell-all Motley Crue book, The Dirt, is also being directed by Lamb and should be out by the summer of 2016 according to Vince Neil.

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