Motley Crue are quickly approaching the kick off of their residency at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Feb. 3-19. As they prepare, the band has been checking in through social media outlets to let fans know how it’s all coming together.

Bassist Nikki Sixx recently stopped by Motley Crue’s Facebook page with an update, saying:

Band is tight. Show is coming together fast. The mix of vintage CRUE and HITZ is really cool to play while keeping it fresh for all CRUEHEADS. There are so many pieces of this puzzle being put together by so many people.Its like a giant creative think tank for everybody. Kinda hard, as much work as it is, to imagine this as WORK. We are having a BLAST....Can't wait for opening night here in Vegas...You guys getting excited?

Sixx also checked in on Twitter, saying, “Breaking out songs we haven’t played in years…,’ which should further delight many Crue fans hoping to hear some old gems the band hasn’t played live in awhile.

In our exclusive interview with drummer Tommy Lee, he talked about the importance of having a diverse set list for this run, "We’ll have to switch up the set a lot since we’ll be doing several shows in a row, we’ll have have to change things up because on the weekend people might come see us a few times." He continued, explaining, "Some maniacs that I know will probably come every night, so we’ve already talked about making some different portions of the show that will require a lot of change; that’s probably going to happen, I’d imagine."

They also released a trailer for the residency, check it out below.

What classic Crue tunes are you hoping to hear them perform during their Vegas stay?

Watch The Preview For Motley Crue in Sin City at The Joint