Motley Crue are gearing up for 'Sex.' Not that kind of sex, so if your mind is camped out in the gutter, shame on you. It's the title of the band's newest single, which bassist Nikki Sixx insists sounds like classic Crue.

After yesterday's (March 20) press conference in Los Angeles announcing the band's upcoming epic, for-the-history-books tour with Kiss, Sixx told VH1 Radio's Dave Basner that the band are putting the finishing touches on the tune and that they will indeed be playing it on the road this summer.

"We're gonna play it on tour," Sixx said about the brand spanking new jam. "We just wrote it and recorded it. We're just finishing mixing. It's called 'Sex' and it sounds very much like it's off of the first record." He's referring to 1981's classic 'Too Fast for Love,' and if 'Sex' sounds like it was born of that era of the Crue's sonic output, then fans and rockers are in for a real treat.

Turns out it was no accident that the Crue returned to those roots for 'Sex,' as Sixx continued, "And that was definitely on purpose. I've been writing very simple riffs for the last year and focusing on how these riffs would work for Vince, basically, and took it in the studio with Tommy and Mick and the thing just came alive."

We can't wait to have 'Sex' with Motley Crue. Not in the literal sense, of course. Well, maybe some of us.